We decarbonize transport & energy platforms

What we do

We help our clients to achieve sustainability by transitioning them to a low carbon future. We do that by designing and integrating hydrogen infrastructure for our clients’ commercial needs and requirements. By doing so, we are helping not only our clients, but also local communities and the environment.

Decarbonizing transport

Waste heat innovations

Local production

Why hydrogen?

Hydrogen has several advantages over other sources of energy.

Easy to store, ship and use

Solar and wind is not optimal at all locations. Zelk's production units are in close proximity of the hydrogen pumps, hence no need for shipping.

Clean, secure and cost effective

With sustainability becoming increasingly important, countries turn to hydrogen-powered technology as a clean, secure and cost efficient alternative to fossil fuels.

Longer driving range

Hydrogen-powered cars and busses travel considerably farther on tank than their gas- or electric-powered counterparts. Compared to gas, hydrogen let's you travel twice the distance for less than half the price.

Zero emission

Vehicles using hydrogen gas to power an electric motor emit only heat and water as by-poducts.


Electrical shock and fuel flammability are the two main hazards from hydrogen-powered vehicles. Hydrogen is 14 times lighter than air. If released, it typically rise and disperse quickly. Maintenance of hydrogen fuel cell vechicles is a niche profession and well maintaned vehicles are safe.

Zero emissions

Let us help your organization achieve zero emissions!