Zelk is diversified energy platform that provides low-cost hydrogen from industrial waste heat and biomas, offering an opportunity to stabilize the grid with clean power for cities and transport systems.

Using electrolysers to produce green hydrogen via solar and wind power is too costly and inconsistent to be viable at scale and meet demand over the next decade.

Zelk brings together the latest technology for steam methane reforming with waste heat and provides co-combustion engine technology that provides an immediate market for the hydrogen produced for our project partners.

Our Team

Our team has over 100 years of collective experience in combining entrepreneurial strategies to societal problems–from energy to recycling to transport.

Joachim Karthäuser


Henrik Strängh


Lars Olsson


David Batstone


Terra Judge


Billy Riggs

GM – Canada

Erik Rosqvist


Ulf Stenerhag

Board Member

Christer Asplund

Board Member

Granit Temaj

Head of IT

Ecosystem Approach

Through our Just Business ecosystem, we have invested in and incubated profitable and forward-thinking ventures dedicated to positively impacting the world. We partner across sectors and with academia with the belief that market-rate returns can be coupled with supply chain dignity, environmental responsibility, job creation and enfranchisement of marginalized communities. Our work within this ecosystem enhances the ZELK platform.

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